Operates from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm (Closed on Thursday and public holidays). NIC will be closed on Monday if a public holiday falls on preceding Saturday or Sunday.
User Policy
Eligible User
  • Use of equipment in SBIC-NIC for research purposes is available to all researchers in Singapore. Currently, there will be no charge for training or use of the microscopes.
Privacy Policy
  • By registering as a SBIC-Nikon Imaging Centre user, you hereby accept the Nikon Singapore Private Limited Privacy Policy.
  • Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in this link. By accessing and continuing to access this website, using any services provided by SBIC-Nikon Imaging Centre, which is supported by Nikon Singapore Private Limited, and/or submitting any information to us thereon, you acknowledge and consent to the terms of Nikon Singapore Private Limited Privacy Statement.
Equipment Training
  • If you would like to use equipment in SBIC-NIC, please sign up an NIC user account and review the user policy. (Only trained users are allowed to book the equipment)
  • User can contact us to arrange for training session or fix an appointment for discussion on microscope best suited for your project.
  • For user who wishes to use A1R+si Confocal System and N-STORM/TIRF + Live Cell System, please refer to N3 licence user policy below.
N3 licence user policy (A1R+si Confocal System and N-STORM/TIRF + Live Cell System)
  • User will require N3 licence from National Environment Agency (NEA) in order to book and operate A1R+si Confocal and N-STORM/TIRF + Live Cell System independently. (Both system is equipped with Class 3b lasers)
  • Upon completion of certification, please send a scan copy and pass physical photocopy of the N3 licence along with your NIC user account to and SBIC-NIC staff respectively. You may book and operate the corresponding system after documentation is done.
  • If you wish to use the N-STORM/TIRFM live cell system without laser. Please inform us after booking.
Acknowledgement of NIC
  • It is important to acknowledge SBIC-NIC for any publication incorporating data acquired or analyzed in NIC.  Please include an acknowledgement statement something like: “Microscopy data and image for this study were acquired and/ or analyzed in the SBIC-Nikon Imaging Centre at Biopolis.”
  • In addition, please state the equipment use for obtaining the Microscopy data and image.
  • We would also like to collect a list of publications that result from use of the SBIC-NIC.  This will allow us to justify to our corporate partners that have supplied equipment to the SBIC-NIC that the centre is producing useful scientific results. 
  • When you publish a paper incorporating data acquired at the of SBIC-NIC, please send either a reprint of the paper or the complete citation of the paper to
Data Management
  • User must prepare their own storage media to export all generated data after each session. SBIC-NIC is not liable for data stored on the computer system.
  • Unauthorized software installation in imaging PCs is strictly prohibited.
Biological materials and risks
  • Our acquisition systems are not equipped for work with pathogenic agents or radioactive products. Their use is thus strictly prohibited in NIC. It is forbidden to manipulate any systems with gloves.
Booking Regulations
  • Equipment booking can be done on the online booking system upon signing up an NIC user account. Sharing of a single NIC user account is prohibited.
  • Only trained and certified user (N3 licence) can book and operate A1R+si Confocal and N-STORM/TIRF + Live Cell System. Otherwise, booking will be cancelled without notifcation. (Please refer here)
  • Equipment may be reserved for no more than 14 days in advance on the booking system.
  • A1R+si user is limited for maximum of 4 hours usage per week. If you requires more time, please arrange with SBIC-NIC staff.
  • Ni-E and N-STORM/TIRF + Live Cell user is limited for maximum 8 hours usage per week. If you requires more time, please arrange with SBIC-NIC staff.
  • User must contact SBIC-NIC staff to change or cancel scheduled use of equipment. User is strongly encouraged to cancel scheduled time with as much notice as possible.
  • User is required to check the equipment and report any damage or unusual phenomenon to the staff of SBIC-NIC. Any repair or replacement charges are payable by user who causes the damages.
  • SBIC-NIC reserves the rights to change the schedule when necessary.