Mission Statement

Located at Biopolis, SBIC-NIC is a core facility with the state of art equipment for light microscopy developed in partnership between Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC).

SBIC-NIC also has several corporate contributors including Zugo Photonics, Chroma Technology, microLAMDA Pte. Ltd., Tokai Hit, Okolab, Prior Scientific, Newport, Einst, Photometrics, Andor Technology , Laser 21 and Coherent Inc.

The mission of NIC@SBIC is to:
  • Promote innovation in biological research by providing access to cutting edge microscopy and imaging equipment.
  • Provide training courses on basic and advanced light microscopy techniques for the benefit of Biopolis and regional research community.
  • Introduction the latest state of the art light microscopy and imaging to research community.
  • Serve as a learning platform for our regional corporate partners and contributors.
  • Develop new microscope setups and imaging techniques in response to feedback from the users of NIC@SBIC.

Sister Imaging Centres (Global Map):

Nikon Imaging Centre at Curie Institute
Nikon Imaging Centre at University at California
Nikon Imaging Centre at Northwestern University
Nikon Imaging Centre at Harvard Medical School
Nikon Imaging Centre at University of Heidelberg
Nikon Imaging Centre at Hokkaido University
Nikon Imaging Centre at King's College London
Nikon Imaging Centre at Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia